Security glass must be used in shopwindows that display the products of shops. Because of this reason, laminated glass should be preffered instead of single glass for shopwindows. Also, laminated glass helps with keeping back the fading effects on display products with its UV filtering feature. To increase the security level of shopwindows, laminated glass products with special PVB and SentryGlasXtra(SGX) materials, are used. ALCAM, as the authorized SentryGlassXTRA(SGX) producer, can produce laminated glass for all levels of security needs. ALCAM also produces laminated glass with anti-reflective glass for qualified projects that require elimination of unwanted reflection. Our products are produced in accordance with TS EN 12543 standard and tested in ALCAM laboratories

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Alcam uses Trosifol Ultra Clear PVB laminated glass for the production of standard display glass products,and for increased security demands, stiff PVB or SentryGlasXtra is used. Alcam, who produces qualified glass for noise insulation and non-reflective solutions with its product range, uses Trosifol acoustic PVB for noise insulation and anti-reflective laminate to eliminate unwanted reflections. Thanks to the special PVB interlayer, it filters the sun-induced UV rays and enables the exhibiterd products to preserve their colours for a longer time. With Trosifol Ultra Clear interlayer, it is possible to reduce the light reflection value from 8% to 1%.

Business centres, shops, cafes and all structures that require external presentation and display

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