Glass columns have carrying features as concrete columns do. They provide balanced load disribution and sturdiness by transferring the load they take from the beams to the ground. It’s suggested to use Heat Soak Tested(HST) multi-layered tempered and laminated glass in the making process of glass coloumns to minimize the risk of spontaneous breakage. Glass columns are the products that need extreme care and caution in the production process as well as design process as they are the carrier elements of the facades. ALCAM knows how important details such as the precision of the mounting holes(diameter, axis distance, alignment in laminate), no slip on laminated glass plates are and can produce within all tolerances what the project requires with its advanced technology machine parks. ALCAM, took part in a project of new connection systems for glass column applications that is run by ISTANBUL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY and it contributed to development of the project. Our products are produced in accordance with TS EN 12543 and TS EN 12150 standards and tested in ALCAM laboratories.

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Alcam, can perform tempering process according to TS EN 12150-1 for glass columns. After the tempering process, the impact resistance of the glass increases 5 times more than the flat glass. Performing thermal bath test (Heat soak test) on tempered glass according to TS EN 14179-1 is a destructive test that eliminates the risk of unexpected tempered glass explosions. Alcam, uses Trosifol Ultra Clear PVB as a standard in column glass and uses stiff PVB or SentryGlasXtra(SGX) for increased security demands. Alcam performs drilling processes in CNC drilling centers due to its mounting precision and the most sensitive tolerances are applied.

They are positioned between the roof and the floor vertically in large structures such as airports, congress centers, hotels, shopping centers.

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