Silicone facade systems provides a smooth and flat facade look. In this system, bonded aliminium joinery with the insulation unit, is assembled to the front of a beam/column construction that will carry the load. Some of the systems that are used in silicone facade applications are: Schüco U shaped pressure plate applications, Raeyners systems, silicone filled insulation glass units with U apparatus etc.

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IGU with silicone filling is bonded to the selected frame/joinery/cassette by using bonding silicone and after curing sent to the construction site.


Silicone facade systems are used in all facade curtain wall applied buildings.

  • TS EN 1279

ALCAM, can produces insulation glass products according to any silicone facade applications by its approved structural silicone suppliers. It’s very important to bond glass sheets to the aluminum joineries/cassettes(BONDING) in silicone facade system applications. ALCAM, can do any work to provide a convenient system assembly. Some of these works can be given as examples in the following order; Using of U shaped spacers (Schuco), installing U apparatus or similar assembly equipments on the external sealing sealant. Bonding is a risky application considering safety. Aplication technique is important as much as materials that are used to eliminate the bonded glass’ risk of fall. ALCAM, works with the silicone sealents that are supplied from approved suppliers and practises any adhesion and rupture tests in accordance with relevant standards in its own laboratuaries.

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