Glass stairs shows places more spacious and stylish than they really are. Laminated glass is used for its production to prevent falling in case of glass breakage. The most important factors about the production of glass stair are providing resistance and preventing falling at the break moment. ALCAM uses SentryGlasXTRA (SGP) for production of tempered and laminated step glass. ALCAM can apply Heat Soak Test(HST) to tempered glass before the lamination process to prevent spontaneous glass breakages. Our products are produced in accordance with TS EN 12543 standards and tested in ALCAM laboratories.

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Alcam, manufactures laminated glass steps consisting of at least 3 plates, meeting the safety and security requirements, using SentryGlasXtra(SGX) interlayer. Alcam works with the most precise tolerances and produces smooth, high quality and qualified glass stair steps in order to avoid errors and problems in the assembly of glass stair treads, which are formed by mounting on stainless steel constructions.

Can be used in hotels, luxury residences, Shopping centres, business centres and restaurants.

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