They are the glass products that are used for builded green houses which provide suitable temperature and light. Laminated glass products are specially produced with TROSIFOL NATURAL UV PVB by ALCAM to be used in places where there is a need of natural UV ray such as botanical gardens, healthcare centers in addition to the green houses and for qualified projects. Standard laminated glass products filter the UV rays highly so they are mostly preferred for showcases and architectural projects. But TROSIFOL NATURAL UV is produced specially for places in need of UV in addition to security. ALCAM is authirozed TROSIFOL NATURAL UV producer. Our products are produced in accordance with TS EN 12543 standards and tested in ALCAM laboratories.


Technical Features
Places of Use
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The glass that passes natural UV rays, can provide the amount of light and heat in the green house at the optimum level required. With its laminated glass feature, it makes it possible to meet safety and security requirements.

  • Walls and Roofs of Green Houses
  • Indoor Botanical Parks
  • Healthcare Centres and Similar Facilities
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