Coloured laminated glass is a type of laminated glass consists of one or more tinted glass. Another way of manufacturing coloured laminated glass is to use coloured PVB and clear float glass.

How is Coloured Laminated Glass Produced ?
Where to use Coloured Laminated Glass?
Relevant National and International Standards
ALCAM’s Experience and Expertise on Coloured Laminated Glass

In lamination process, one or more tinted/coloured glass sheets, with placed transparent PVB interlayers, are combined under high temperature and pressure. There are green, gray, blue and dark gray colour options. Another production method is to place TROSIFOL COLOURED PVB between the Ultra Clear glass sheets and implement lamination process.


Coloured laminated glass is used in overhead glazing, glass walkways, showcases, railings, terraces, canopies, windscreens, office seperators, balustrates, parapets, non-slippery floors, pool areas, security cabins, stations, glass balustrates and atriums in shopping centres. Further more,in case of requests, coloured laminated glass can be used for attack, storm, eartquake resistance and bullet proof glass solutions.

  • TS EN 12543
  • TS EN 14449

ALCAM, can satisfy all needs of safety and security for its customers by using any kind of PVB materials at its climate controlled lamination line with 2 Autoclave furnaces. ALCAM, uses stiff PVB or SGX for coloured laminated glass in case of special security requests and provides security solutions according to desired level.

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