Bullet proof glass is produced by professional glass manufacturing teams and it’s possible to produce and privatize the security level of the bullet proof glass according to the gun type/s, number of the accurate bullets, distance and duration of the probable attack. Bullet proof glass is an upper segment laminated glass unit with its special inter materials and thickness that provides effective protection against armed attacks. Outstanding bullet proof glass is a special protective glass which is prevention and protection purposed against armed attacks that can cause deaths and saves time to call for help or if possible run away at the time of the attack.

Technical Features
Places of Use

The sensitivity and processing quality of the combination to be used in bulletroof glass products produced according to EN 1063 standards must be at the highest level. The protection levels of bullet proof glass is between BR1-SG2 in terms of resistance to bullets. Glass products that respond to safety and security needs at professional level with their bullet-proof features, beside these features, can be produced by Alcam in a thin, transparent and light form, insulating feature can be added, high level of light transmittance and a better vision quality, according to the preferences and expectations. Alcam offers the best glass product solution with customizable glass variety, thickness and interlayer combinations in line with the preferences and requirements for bullet proof glass produced with the high technological precision meticulous and expert workmanship.



Bullet proof glass is used on the windows of security and defense vehicles of security organizations, glass of military security and defense vehicles, windows of armored money transport vehicles of banks, glass of armored military and police security huts, windows of jewellery shops, entrance-exit doors and window glass of public institutions, embassies, consulates. Bullet proof glass is used in all places/vehicles that require superior against possible armed attacks.

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