They are IGUs that are formed with 3 pieces of glass sheets with air space or Argon gas inside the spaces between the these layers and produced by being merged all together. Triple IGUs provide the highest level of thermal insulation. In case of producing triple IGUs from low-e coated glass, U value can fall up to 0,5 W/m2K .

Production Details
Where to Use Triple IGU's(Insulated Glass Units)?
Relevant National and International Standards
ALCAM’s Experience and Expertise on Triple IGU's

Triple IGUs are produced in the following order: Glass sheets are washed, merged with butyl applied and dehumidifier filled spacer, pressed and applied secondary sealant with robotic machines’ help.


Low-e IGUs are used for building, window, balcony covering systems, winter gardens and commercial refrigerators glazing.

  • TS EN 1279
  • TS EN 1096

ALCAM, as an authorised Insulated Glass producer by Şişecam for 35 years, provides service for its customers with full automatic production lines. Regarding the experience and technical knowledge, ALCAM is capable to suggest the most suitable IGU combination according to purposes and places of use. ALCAM, produces in accordance with national and international standards, carries out all required tests according to EN 1279  at its laboratories. ALCAM gives 10-year warranty for its Insulated glass units.

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