About the process: Tempering process is heating the glass above its transition tempereature and then cooling it down with pressurized cold air rapidly. In this way, there’s a tension difference between the surfaces of the glass and the center. The glass is five times more durable compared to the annealed glass and when it’s broken it breaks into very small tiny cubical pieces, eliminating the risk of damage. The convection system in ALCAM’s tempering furnaces, allow glass to get heated faster and homogeneosly and especially  soft coated low-e glass products to be tempered. Double and triple silver coated solar low-e glass products can be tempered easily in ALCAM’s tempering lines.

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Tempering process can be performed for the glass sheets with a maximum size of 6000 mm x 2500 mm and minimum 550 mmx300 mm and thicknesses between 5 mm-19 mm.

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