About the processes: The glass products that form the insulation unit, are washed. After the spacer is prepared in profile bending machine according to its size in a different station, it’s filled with desiccants (molecular sieve), applied butyl and placed. Two pieces of glass sheets with the profile between them, get squeezed between the press panel on the line and the butyl is adhered to glass. Then secondary sealant is applied with the help of a sealing robot.

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In the insulation glass unit lines, there can be implemented various processes such as washing, pressing, and applying insulation materials with robotic machines for the glass products with a maximum size of 5000 mmx2500 mm and minimum 300 mmx200 mm and thicknesses up to 52 mm. Afterwards, secondary sealant is waited to be cured and reached proper hardness. After pressing process, Argon gas is applied with the help of fully automatic filling machine on the line, if requested.


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