Glass wall-coverings are preffed for their visual beauty and easy cleaning features. They provide performance focussed advantages such as protection, coverage, insulation, isolation, durability in addition to aesthetic and hygiene in interiors. Silkscreen printed tempered glass is used for covering the undesirable areas to be seen (concrete, installation, plaster etc.). Our products are produced in accordance with TS EN 12150 and tested in ALCAM laboratuaries.

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The colours look much more vivid with Şişecam Ultra Clear glass that Alcam uses in the production of enamelled tempered glass for wall covering glass products. Alcam, can perform tempering process according to TS EN 12150-1 and semi tempering process according to TS EN 1863-1 for glass wall-coverings. After the tempering process, the impact resistance of the glass increases 5 times more than the flat glass. Performing thermal bath test (Heat soak test) on tempered glass according to TS EN 14179-1 is a destructive test that eliminates the risk of unexpected tempered glass explosions. After the semi-tempering process, the impact strenght of the glass increases 2 times more than the flat glass and there is no unexpected breakage risk due to NIS

Glass wall-covering are used in houses, splasbacks in the kitchens, offices, shops, hotels, airports, hospitals, museums, glass panel covering at shopping centres, decorative glass covering applications.

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