Skylights are located on the roofs of buildings horizontally and they provide solar and heat control opportunity while benefitting from the daylight. In the production process of skylights, the inner layers of the insulation glass units are produced as laminated to prevent the risk of damage in case of glass breakage and falling. Furthermore, outer glass layers have to be tempered against to the risks such as snow load, thermal breakage etc. ALCAM uses miscellaneous inter layers such as Standard Transparent PVB, SentryGlasXTRA, ExtaStrong PVB etc. for production. Our products are produced in accordance with TS EN 1279, TS EN 12150 and TS EN 12543 standards and tested in ALCAM laboratories.

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Alcam, which produces insulating glass whose outer glass is tempered and/or laminated and which provides both heat and solar control at the same time and whose inner glass is made of laminated glass for safety purposes, has U value up to 0.5 E/m2K and can be walked on. It can produce coated roof skylight glass products with anti-slip properties when necessary, temper and process double and triple silver coated solar low-e glass products with the expertise provided by its 35 years of experience. Alcam, manufactures high quality roof skylight glass products that meet the EN standards and the most sensitive feasibility requirements by applying all tecniques to ensure that the glass products it produces are compatible with other components in the roof light assembly system and to ensure ease of installation.

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