Accoustic Laminated glass with Acoustic PVB ,has sound reduction feature and provides noise control opportunity in buildings. These type of laminated glass products can be seperately used by themselves or as parts of IGUs as well.

Production Details
Where to use Acoustic Laminated Glass ?
Relevant National and International Standards
ALCAM’s Experience and Expertise on Acoustic Laminated Glass

In glass lamination process, two or more glass sheets with acoustic PVB interlayers get pressed and merged under high temperature and pressure.

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Acoustic laminated glass can be used safely anywhere close to the noise sources such as airports, train stations, freeways, busy roads and streets, entertainment venues, busy city centres, factories and everywhere that requires noise isolation. Facades, windows, office seperators, translation cabins and meeting rooms are suitable places to use sound isolation units.

  • TS EN 12543
  • TS EN 14449
  • TS EN 1279

Alcam uses TROSIFOL MONOLAYER ACOUSTIC PVB for its noise control purpose acoustic laminated glass production. Trosifol SC Monolayer is a PVB type that provides noise control with only one layer. Instead of cutting ready acoustic laminated plates, ALCAM calculates and determines the combination of laminated glass that will provide the sound reduction value as Db(decibel) according to project requirements and offers the right solution by producing the right product with its technical knowledge and experience.

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