About the process: Nickel Sulfide Factor(NIS): Nickel sulfide(NIS) particles are very harmful for tempered glass. They can exist in the raw materials in glass production process. This particle is really tiny (approximately 100-200 micron) and almost impossible to be seen. NIS particle that is in when the glass is being tempered, causes the tempered glass to be burst suddenly and unexpectedly by getting expanded after a while due to  the heating of the glass at the place of use.


Heat Soak Test
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To minimize the risk of spontaneous breakage due to NIS , Heat Soak Test is applied which is basicly a destructive test. The purpose of this test, to enable the potential sulfide inclusion to unleash the tension with high heat that may arrise in the future and make the glass breaks by itself in the test phase. Heat Soak Test is applied if it’s requested by the customer.


Heat soak test can be performed for glass sheets with maximum size of 6000 mmx2500 mm. ALCAM, can apply approved tests with TMB Heat Soak Test Furnace in accordance with relevant standards and give certificates for glass products.

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