What is Bent Tempered Glass?: Bent tempered glass is a type of glass that is given desired fixed radius and heat treatment in tempering furnace.

How is Bent Tempered Glass Produced
Where To Use Bent Tempered Glass
Related National and International Standards

Firstly, glass is heated in tempering furnace and then it’s bended regarding desired radius in special curving section by moving rolls before cooling process. The glass is given a different shape concretely and curved according to desired radius. In the following step, it is cooled with compressed air rapidly and given tempered glass feature. The practicability of mimimum radius of the furnace and the maksimum height dimension are defined by the magnitude and ability of moving mechanism in the curving section of the furnace.

Bent tempered glass is used in glass elevators, glass coolers/freezers, glass facades.

The information regarding thickness, edge processing and fragmentation test for curved tempered glass, are recognised, however, it isn’t within the scope of TS EN 12150-1 standard.

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