Spider facade systems provide a flat facade look without protrusion and in this system, glass is assembled with point supports to the cross supports on building’s façade.

Production Details
Where to Use Transparent & Spider Façade Systems?
Relevant National and International Standards
ALCAM’s Experience and Expertise on Transparent & Spider Façade Systems

After drilling application according to the project, laminated or insulated glass production is performed and it is sent to the customer to be assembled with suitable carrying systems. If there will be an insulated glass application, special apparatus are assembled into the the hole for insulation purposes.

They can be used as additional facades with monolithic glass. In addition, when they are produced as insulated glass units, they are used in projects such as airports, shopping centres.

  • TS EN 1279
  • TS EN 12150
  • TS EN 12543

ALCAM serves with experience of laminated, tempered and insulated glass, for all facades with point supported holder by monolithic or insulation unit solutions. Heat soak test implementation for tempered glass is very important to prevent the risk of unexpectable breakage caused by NiS.

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