SGX laminated glass has a very high resistance in case of being splitted and ripped. It doesn’t have a quilted glass effect when it’s broken (even if both of the glass layers are tempered). SGX laminated glass completely eliminates the risk of falling and meets the extreme security and safety needs. ALCAM, as an authorised manufacturer by KURARAY, uses its Ionoplast SentryGlasExtra interlayer for special projects. SentryGlasExtra has various advantages such as higher resistance than hard PVB types, very high outdoor environment resistance, high performance in extreme climate conditions( extremeley cold or hot), the most increased resistance and light transmittence among SentryGlas PVB types.

How is Laminated Glass Produced
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During lamination process, two or more glass sheets that are placed with binding inter layers, are combined under high heat and pressure. Binding layers can be PVB or ionoplast(SGX). In specially air-conditioned, continuously thermal and humidity controlled lamination room, the glass sheets are interlayered with PVB or SGX and after pre heat and deairing processes,  they are laminated under appropriate heat and pressure in autoclave furnaces according to the type and thickness of the glass and features of inter layer.

Laminated glass is used in over head glazings, glass walkways, showcases, railings, terraces, canopies, wind barriers, office sepeators, balustrates, parapets, non-slip floors, pool areas, security cabins, stations, skylights, balustrates ans atriums in shopping centers. In addition, laminated glass products are used as attack, storm, earthquake and bullet proof resistance solutions.

  • TS EN 12543
  • TS EN 14449
  • TS EN 356

ALCAM, can meet all safety and security needs of its customers by using any type of PVB inter layer materials and with its air-conditioned lamination line and two autoclave furnaces. Alcam provides solutions for speacial security needs as an authorized laminated glass manufacturer by KURARAY by using SentryGlasXtra(SGX) and all the other TROSIFOL PVB types. ALCAM is equipped with technical knowledge that can provide the best solution according to customers’ various safety and security expectations in accordance with TS EN 12600 and TS EN 356 standards.

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