In daily life, glass doors provide privacy, security, entrance-exit conveniences and aesthetic solutions for places. There are automatic glass doors as well as classic glass doors that don’t have any electronic parts. Glass doors are produced from tempered glass against to accidents due to human strike. Dimensional accuracy of the cut outs and holes for hinge, handle and lock assembly is the most critical point of glass door production. ALCAM makes available the glass doors only after they are Heat Soaked Tested to prevent unexpected breakages due to NiS(Nickel sulfide) and glass door breakage throughout its lifetime due to this reason. ALCAM can produce glass doors within the most precise tolerances with the help of its CNC processing and CNC hole drilling machines. Our products are produced in accordance with TS EN 12150 standards and tested in ALCAM laboratuaries.

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In glass door production process at Alcam, due to the precision of the lock and hinge unloading of glass doors, CNC machining centers are processed with a tolerance of +/-0.1 mm. For glass doors,  tempering process is carried out according to TS EN 12150-1 and  the strenght of the glass is increased 5 times more than flat glass.Upon request,  after the tempering process, according to TS EN 12179-1, thermal bath test(Heat soak test) is applied to eliminate the risk of unexpected breakage caused by NİS.

Hotels, restaurants, schools, work places, hospitals etc. and entries/exits of buildings.


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