These type of IGUs  are endowed with coloured/tinted glass and they provide the opportunity to benefit from the solar light and solar heat  in the desired amount in a controlled way. In addition to its solar heat controlling features, low-e coated glass can be added to IGU combination in case of demand of increased thermal insulation.

Production Details
Where to Use Coloured IGU's(Insulated Glass Units)?
Relevant National and International Standards
ALCAM’s experience and expertise on Triple IGU's

Triple IGUs are produced in the following order: Glass sheets are washed, merged with butyl applied and dehumidifier filled spacer, pressed and applied secondary sealant with robotic machines’ help.


Coloured IGUs are used in buildings, window and facade glazings.

  • TS EN 1279

ALCAM, as an authorised Insulated Glass producer by Şişecam for 35 years, ALCAM provides service for its customers with full automatic production lines. ALCAM, produces in accordance with national and international standards, tests the products in its laboratories. ALCAM gives 10-year warranty for its Insulated glass units.There are four different  colour options as blue, green, bronze and gray to produce coloured IGU’s.

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