Glass facades are used for covering the exterior surfaces of the buildings in the architecture and filtering and controlling the solar heat and light in addition to providing heat insulation and sound isolation. Commonly, coated glass products are used in facades and they provide a modern look with the styles they reflect and add value to the buildings. Glass facades are the insulation units that are made from special coated glass that ensure heat and solar control at the same time. There are several kinds that meet the various performance expectations, such as different light transmittences and solar protection features according to the new architectural trends. For glass facade manufacturers, it is very important to be able to understand the needs of the construction firms, provide solutions and suggest the most correct and suitable insulation glass combination that allows savings by technical knowledge in accordance with the purposes. ALCAM is not only a glass supplier who serves for projects with its experience of glass facade manufacturing and skills of processing high quality glass products that are from the leading manufacturing companies from all over the world, but also a solution partner who is able to provide assembly convinience and alternative glass options to increase energy savings. ALCAM, can produce maximum performanced insulation units with double or triple silver, solar low-e coated glass. ALCAM can make production processes in the most suitable way for all facade joinery systems .  All glass facades are produced in accordance with TS EN 1279 standard and tested in ALCAM laboratories.

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In modern architecture, silicon facade systems or transparent/spider facade systems are frequently used in facade glazing. In silicone facade systems, glass sheets are adhered, screwed and fixed in accordance with DIN 51376 and ISO 8339 standards with special structural silicone meterial to aluminum profiles integrated with the carrier elements attached to the building. It is important select the glass to be used in silicone facades, which are assembled using U laths or applied by placing              U-shaped mounting apparatus inside the external sealing silicone material, in accordance with the purpose and design. Tempered external glass is used on silicone facades, and laminated glass products are used mostly for security purposes. In spider facade systems, insulating, grinded tempered laminated glass products are attached to stainless point holders mounted on carrier steel constructions. Special coated glass with a U value of up to 0.5 W/m2K can be used in silicone and spider facade systems, with a variety of products that can add both heat and solar control as well as acoustic insulation feature according to preferences. Alcam, has the skills to temper and process double and triple silver coated solar low-e glass sheets, with the expertise provided by 35 year of experience. Alcam, manufactures high quality facade glass products in accordance with EN standards and meeting the most sensitive feasibility requirements by applying all techniques in order to ensure that the glass products that Alcam produces are compatible with other assembly elements in the facade system and to provide ease of installation.

Glass Facades are used in the exterior surfaces and facades of buildings such as towers, plazas, business centres, shopping centres, government buildings, hospitals.

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