Glass office seperators are preferred due to neccessities of in-office space seperation and reqirements of acoustic isolation and privacy. Tempered or laminated glass is used in office seperators according to the level of risk of breakage and largeness of the glass. Glass office seperators are safe products that provide tidiness and integrity and add light and freshness to the work places with its appearance. When acoustic isolation is desired, it should be preferred laminated glass with special acoustic PVB. In the lamination process of the glasses, if the edge grinding quality is not at a high level, it causes visual problems. Also if there is a diagonal difference or a general bow problem in the glass, these cause big troubles in the process of assembly. ALCAM, prevents all these problems with its latest technology machine parks and tempering furnaces and supplies problemfreeprocessed glass for the projects. Our products are produced in accordance with TS EN 12150 and TS EN 12543 standards and tested in ALCAM laboratories.

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The standard PVB used in office partition glass is Trosifol Ultra Clear, which provides a high quality vision experience, and it is possible to use stiff PVB or SentryGlasXtra for increased security demands. In cases where noise control is required, the acoustic insulation level can be up to 40 decibels(94.25%)by using Trosifol Acoustic PVB. Alcam, whose wide product range is not limited to this much, uses Trosifol coloured PVB for decorative solutions, and offers qualified solutions that will facilitate the installation and make it trouble-free with its high-quality lapping workmanship.

Glass office seperators are used in glass walls in offices, panel partitions, glass seperators, acoustic seperation systems.

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