Definition: It’s a tempered type of glass that is silkscreen or dijital printed.

How is Silkscreen & Digital Printed Tempered Glass Produced
Where to Use Silkscreen & Digital Printed Tempered Glass
Related National and International Standards
Alcam’s Profession and Experience About This Product

It’s produced by transferring the paint from the stencil to surface of the glass on silk screen printing machines. The patterned mesh, as demanded by the customer, is stretched out over the stencil and tied to the machine. Enamel paint is transferred with the help of squegee to surface of the glass manually or automatically. Enamel paint is selected in accordance with the place of use of the glass and purpose of usage. Enamel paint is preferred with respect to coverage, chemical resistance. abrasion endurance etc. Digital printing is a process that includes transferring desired visuals like  pictures, patterns, photographs etc. to the glass surface by using computer controlled printing machines.

It’s used in parapets, glass shower cabins, glass wall coverings, kitchen backsplashes, decoration, glass furniture.

  • TS EN 12150
  • TS EN 14179
  • EN 16477

Alcam has the machinery that can respond to the any kind of silkscreen or digital printing  requests coming from its customers. Alcam can meet all screen printing needs for partly coloured, frame printed, special patterned, fully coloured ground glass by using its supplier FERRO’s paints and mediums. It requires experience and special adjustments to temper screen printed glass. Alcam considers keeping colour and tone differences under control and make production  within the standards while it tempers any  kinds of colour and type of painted glass by using its high technology tempering furnaces . All required tests for painted glass which are specified in standards, are carried out in ALCAM labs.

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