It’s a decorative glass type that has matted surface by acid etched process application. Satinated glass is smooth, fingerprint free , easy clean and responsive to privacy needs as well.


How is Satinated / Acid Etched Glass Produced?
Where to use Satinated / Acid Etched Glass?
ALCAM’s Experience and Expertise on Satinated / Acid Etched Glass

Coloured, colourless or Ultra clear Satinated glass can be acid etching processed. In acid etching process, surface etching occurs at microscopic level and as a result of light refraction, the glass surface changes into an opaque/white look. Satinated glass can be tempered and bent. If lamination will be implemented, the satinated surface shouldn’t stay in the between zone.

Satinated glass is used in the offices or room seperators that require privacy, glass doors, shower cabins, kitchens and bathrooms, shelves and furniture.

ALCAM, provides solutions for its customers’ speacial decoration needs with its glass processing and tempering experience.

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