Solar Low-e (with I or II or III silver coatings) IGUs with special coatings, provide thermal and solar control at the same time. There are types of Solar low-e IGUs with different light transmission and solar protection features according to the new architectural trends that meet various performance expectations. Selectivity (light transmission% /Solar factor) has been a determinant factor of performance for new generation solar low-e glass products. While having more light transmission, the  need of increased solar protection has been provided improvement of double and triple silver coated glass sheets.

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Tempering furnaces that provides convectional type heating are needed to temper solar low-e glass products. The glass sheets that are tempered by these furnaces are produced in the following order: Glass sheets are washed, merged with butyl applied and dehumidifier filled spacer, pressed and applied secondary sealant with robotic machines’ help.



Solar Low-e(I-II-III silver coatings) IGUs are mostly used in the commercial buildings’ facades (towers, plazas, airports, business centres etc. ) in sunny and hot zones. The high light translucent types are used for residentials as well.

  • EN 1279
  • EN 1096

ALCAM is authorised to process multiple silver coated glass sheets and produce insulated glass products by Şişecam and Guardian Glass and also Şişecam’s authorised Insulated Glass producer for 35 years, providing  service for its customers with full automatic production lines. ALCAM, produces in accordance with national and international standards, tests the products in its laboratories.

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