Fire resistant glass is a type of glass which prevents the passage of flames, smoke and heat from place of fire to the other side.

The Fire Rated Glass Classes are E, EW and EI.

E-Class Fire resistant glasses remains its integrity inside the frame and prevents the passage of flames and smoke to the other side. But it has no heat insulating feature.

For example, E30 Fire Rated Glass holds its integrity for 30 minutes without letting the flames and smoke pass through. EW and EI Class Fire Resistant Glasses avoid the heat transfer partially or totally to the other side while holding their integrity as well.

For example: EW60 Class Fire Rated Glass maintains partial heat insulation for at least 60 minutes while keeping its integrity to hold the flames and smoke. EI 90 Class Fire Rated Glass maintains full heat insulation (even one can touch the surface of the glass during the fire) for at least 90 minutes while keeping its integrity to hold the flames and smoke.

Technical Features
Places of Use

Fire resistant glasses are a part of a fire protection system. They can not be used in all types of frames. They should be used with frames which have the same fire protection class. Alcam has the know-how and solution partners to provide system solutions with not only glass supply, but also joinery if the customers demand.

All buildings glazings including windows and doors. (such as schools, hospitals, public offices, trade centers, hotels, restaurants, malls, etc.)

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