Glass is a very important architectural decorative item with its unique appearance that conributes to visual and structural integrity and combines the style and ambiance. Such as acid etched decorative glass, satinated glass, frosted glass, silkscreen printed glass, painted glass, coloured or silver mirrors and coloured glass are the products that are used for decoration purposes. Decorative glass can be produced as tempered or laminated depending on safety and security needs.

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Şişecam Patterned Glass is manufactured through a continuous rolling process where molten glass is allowed to flow between two rollers, one with distinct patterns. Patterned glass, as well as decorative purposes, is produced with low iron raw materials for solar sector (photovoltaics and solar thermal collectors). The depth and texture of the pattern will specify transparency and privacy.

Şişecam Patterned Glass can be:

  • Edgeworked
  • Tempered or Laminated to resist a higher level of impact pressure.
  • Used in double glazed units.

When laminated, the patterned side must face the outside of the assembly.

Houses, work places, hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers , interior and exterior places and all places where there are needs of decoration according to the preferences.


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