Especially in heavy populated urban areas, the noise becomes one of the major problems due to busy traffic load regarding cars, buses, trains, motorbikes, trucks etc. In such cases, glass sound barriers are perfect durable solutions for the noise reduction. They provide a good visibility experience and  contribute to road safety.  The glass sound barries are acoustically reflective and very cooperative with sound absorbing elements . They also have a very high resistance againts to extreme weather conditions.

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Alcam, can produce various thicknesses and sizes of the glass sound barriers in line with the demands and provide impeccable finished products that will be adaptable to the assembly elements in the best way. This will help with saving time, reducing project costs and providing an easy and quick glass installation. Glass transparecy levels are optional and can be customized according to the demands of the projects. Alcam , can produce transparent or coated glass sound barriers and customize the glass product in shape, colour, thickness,level of  transparecy and other

Highways, railways, overpasses, bridges and noisy outdoor environments.

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