Anti-slip glass floorings are known as glass walkways as well and multiple(three or more) laminated glass sheets must be used to prevent falling in case of breakage. Anti-slip glass floorings are applied with non-slip featured coatings with various patterns according to the customers’ request. ALCAM can apply coatings and patterns according to desired level of non-slip feature. ALCAM can produce Heat Soak tested(HST) tempered laminated non-slip glass floorings to prevent spontaneous breakages due to NIS(Nickel Sulfide). Our products are produced in accordance with TS EN 12543 standards and tested in ALCAM laboratories.

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Special coated non–slip floor glass products with increased security and safety, produced by Alcam, have anti-slip proprties up to R13 according to DIN 51130 and A,B,C,  class according to DIN 51097. Alcam, which uses stiff PVB or SentryGlasXtra (SGX) as an interconnecting layer for anti-slip floor glass produced using tempered laminated glass, can perform thermal bath test (Heat soak test) with its advanced technology furnaces, if requested.

  • Glass Bridges
  • Balconies
  • Terraces and Any Areas with Glass Floors
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