Glass for security huts/cabins are made from laminated glass that provide high protection against to security threats.  The protection level of the glass, can be customized or increased according to the preferences. Glass products can be in desired class of bullet proof featured according to EN 1063 standards or just in desired class of forced entry resistant according to TS EN 356.

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Security cabin glass is used in the glazing of armored security huts where soldiers, police or security guards working in high –risk locations and working in offical and private organizations that require superior and professional protection such as safety, defense and security . Security cabin glass should be both bulletproof glass produced in accordance with EN 1063 standards and attack resistant glass in accordance with EN 356 standards. The protection levels of security cabin glass is between BR1-SG2 in terms of resistance to bullet and between P1A-P8B in terms of resistance to attack. Alcam offers the best glass product solution with customizable glass variety, thickness and interlayer combinations in line with the preferences and requirements for security cabin glass produced with the high technological precision meticulous and expert workmanship.

Security huts with or without armoured that require protection against to security threats.


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