Attack resistant glass provides life and property safety against to potential devastating human attacks with objects with blow effects such as rock, bat, axe, sledgehammer etc. It’s possible to produce security glass at the appropriate level that provides effective protection against to features of the objects to be used and forcefulness, repetitions and durations of the blows. Attack resistant glass products are upper segment laminated glass units that can have various dimensions and thicknesses. Our products are classified according to TS EN 356 standard, produced in accordance with  TS EN 12543 standard and tested in ALCAM laboratuaries

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Attack resistant glass can be produced with custımizable glass thickness and binder interlayer combinations at specific levels. The production of attack-resistant glass from laminated glass means that in addition to security, safety advantage is also provided. Alcam, manufactures attack-resistant glass in accordance with EN 356 standards and with the most sensitive tolerances.

Attack resistant glass is used in entrance-exit doors and exterior glazings of the banks, showcases and doors of jewellery shops, entry-exit doors and exterior glazings of the public institutions and government buildings, shopping centres and exterior glazings of the places where protection is required.

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