It’s a kind of tempered glass one side of which is partially or fully painted by screen printing technique.

 How is Screen Printed Tempered Glass Produced ?
Where to Use Screen Printed Tempered Glass ?
Relevant National and International Standards:
ALCAM’s Experience and Expertise on Screen Printed Glass

Screen printing techique, applicable to tinted or clear glass is applied on silk screen machines by transferring ceramic paint from the patterned silk mesh to glass surface.


It is used in exterior glazings like facade and skylight and any interior glass that is desired to be pattern applied.

  • TS EN 12150
  • EN 16477

ALCAM, has machine parks to meet customers’ any kind of printing and painting demands. It’s possible to meet every kind of colour standards with FERRO enamelled temper paint. Colour and shade differences are kept in tolerances that is determined by standards. Standard tests of painted glass tests are carried out in ALCAM laboratuaries.

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