Contrary the common belief, glass balustrates and railings are very sturdy and durable architectural materials that provide protection and add beauty to the exterior surfaces of the structures. Including balustrates and railing systems, according to the building regulation, it’s mandatory to use laminated glass for glass products that have a risk of falling. Balustrates are the glass products that require more care and attention just at the beginning of the design process because of the risk of falling where they are used. They are expected to be visually faultless and very high performanced at the moment of breakage. There shouldn’t be quality problems such as PVB clearance along the edge, edge breakages, plate shift, grinding(edge) quality defects, delamination (deterioretion, seperation), bubbles that are seen very often about balustrates. ALCAM uses TROSIFOL ULTRACLEAR PVB for its standard products that provide high transparency and extreme adhesion. ALCAM uses a special stiff PVB and SentryGlasXTRA (SGX) for special projects with harder designs and risks of falling as well due to possible quilted effect on glass at the breakage moment. ALCAM, as an authorised manufacturer by KURARAY, produces purpose focussed laminated glass balustrates in a way that keeps the edge processing and visual quality at the highest level with its latest technology machine parks. ALCAM can produce heat treated laminated glass balustrates or Heat Soak Tested(HST) tempered laminated glass balustrates to prevent spontaneous breakages due to NiS. Our glass balustrates are produced in accordance with TS EN 12543 standards and tested in ALCAM laboratories.

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With their strong and durable structures, glass balustrates and railings are safe and secure building elements. Point holding ball joints or aluminum glass holders can be preferred for railing glass systems. At this point, quality workmanship is very important in order for the glass to be compatible with the assmebly components with which it will be used. The following running-in profiles are used in balustrate glass, whose light transmittance levels can be customized according to preferences.

Alcam, uses Trosifol Ultra Clear PVB as a standard in glass balustrates and railings and uses stiff PVB or Sentry GlasXtra(SGX) for increased safety demands. Alcam, can perform tempering process according to                       TS EN 12150-1 and semi tempering process according to TS EN 1863-1 for glass balustrates and railings. After the tempering process, the impact resistance of the glass increases 5 times more than the flat glass. Performing thermal bath test (Heat soak test) on tempered glass according to TS EN 14179-1 is a destructive test that eliminates the risk of unexpected tempered glass explosions. After the semi-tempering process, the impact strenght of the glass increases 2 times more than the flat glass and there is no unexpected breakage risk due to NİS.

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  • Pool Area Glazing
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