Window glass is one of the elements that answers the needs of indoor lighting, thermal insulation, energy saving. Thermal insulated low-e coated or solar low-e coated window glass units are suggested to obtain maximum comfort and saving. The supplementary raw materials that are used in window glass production (polyurethane, butyl, desiccant, profile/spacer) are very important to obtain a perfect insulation throughout the its lifetime. ALCAM, as an authorized insulation glass manufacturer by ŞİŞECAM for 35 years, works with the best quality material suppliers of the world. Our products are produced in accordance with TS EN 1279 standards and all tests stated in standards are implemented in ALCAM laboratuaries. ALCAM gives 10-year warranty for its insulation glass units

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Alcam offers  thermal insulation solutions with its U value down to 0.5 and noise insulation solutions up to 40 decibels(94.25%),  performs untouched filling in the robotic insulating glass line and bending lath with an automatic machine with a precision of +/- 0.5 mm. Alcam has a washing and closing line suitable for low-e and solar low-e coated glass, and can perform all the necessary tests, controls and measurements with the production control laboratory in accordance with the TS EN 1279 standard.

  • Residential Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Government buildings etc.
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